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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Idaho is for shooting.

One of D's friends spontaneously invited us to go shooting with them and some other friends. Little did we know that those 'other friends' were some of our neighbors!

We rode out to the middle of nowhere after getting locked out of the house for the second time that day... it was really fun! We had lots of homemade chocolate chip cookies and chips. It was nice being out there in nature away from work with no obligations... kinda. We were quickly reminded of responsibilities when we got back to our car... with a flat tire :( But the evening was fun, nonetheless!

"The beginning is always today."

(That's what Mary Shelley said.)

So I've been following blogs and have goals I want to accomplish... and I've come to the conclusion that a blog can help me do so. The purpose of this little blog is just to push me to photograph more often and to keep track of events or just everyday little things.

Up until now I've been stressing over having a nice looking blog, but the whole point is to learn more if you don't already know everything... which I certainly don't! But this will be a fun side project... a beginning to more learning!

P.S. I love projects! And one of them is to get rid of the "-->" on top, left corner... or leave it there? :)

Monday, June 24, 2013


It's almost summer... and that means camping! We still have to get out own tent, but our neighbors have been nice in letting us use theirs. Our ward put together a camp-out last year right after we had gotten married and we were totally for doing it this year again! We've been waiting for it to happen!

I love sitting next to a hot fire on a cool, (early) summer evening. And having a super yummy breakfast the next morning. Sister Curtis makes the best pancakes - and they're good for you! I got really excited when I saw fresh strawberries because that makes summer official in my book. I love it when the supermarket is full of bright, warm colors because of the produce that grows during the summer!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

zoo, goodbyes, and an engagement!

This weekend was busy, busy, busy. And exciting!

D got free admission for us to go to the zoo. We got through it really fast because then we headed to Rigby Lake for a surprise good-bye party for one of our friends. I'm really excited for them to move to New York; Sarah has been wanting that forever! From there we ran to Mesa Falls and went on a mosquito-infested trail to try and find "the spot" where my friend was going to be proposed to. We never found "the spot."

Next thing we know, we hear someone yell my name and it's my friend- shouting that she's engaged! I'm happy she's getting married! But sad at the same time... it feels like I'm losing a sister. But that's how it should be with real friends! The sunset was so pretty that night.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A fun(ny) babyshower!



One of my sweet friends asked if I would be a co-host for another sweet friend's baby shower. Corinne is expecting twins this July! It was so fun to have everyone pitch in with games, treats, and gifts... no better way to welcome a baby! I think it's neat that people do baby showers for a baby that isn't born yet - it's like everyone is expecting a person... the baby is there... still in the belly... but present.

This last December that we went home for Christmas we went to a baby shower. Random timing, I know! But not so random! We played a lot of the games they showed us how to play there. Here are some ideas (I'm making up the names right this minute.. haha ... ):

Game: Doing Laundry with the Baby
Need: jump rope or cord, clothespins, soda bottle, people.
How to play: Have a girl hold the bottle with one arm like a baby and get as many clothespins with the other hand. Whoever gets the most wins! It's fun with a soda bottle because it can explode if you drop it - you don't want to drop the baby! The winner got like 20 clothespins in one hand. Impressive, huh?! It was just funny to see people play!

And... yes, those are confetti dots on the wall! They totally change the room with little effort. :)