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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A fun(ny) babyshower!



One of my sweet friends asked if I would be a co-host for another sweet friend's baby shower. Corinne is expecting twins this July! It was so fun to have everyone pitch in with games, treats, and gifts... no better way to welcome a baby! I think it's neat that people do baby showers for a baby that isn't born yet - it's like everyone is expecting a person... the baby is there... still in the belly... but present.

This last December that we went home for Christmas we went to a baby shower. Random timing, I know! But not so random! We played a lot of the games they showed us how to play there. Here are some ideas (I'm making up the names right this minute.. haha ... ):

Game: Doing Laundry with the Baby
Need: jump rope or cord, clothespins, soda bottle, people.
How to play: Have a girl hold the bottle with one arm like a baby and get as many clothespins with the other hand. Whoever gets the most wins! It's fun with a soda bottle because it can explode if you drop it - you don't want to drop the baby! The winner got like 20 clothespins in one hand. Impressive, huh?! It was just funny to see people play!

And... yes, those are confetti dots on the wall! They totally change the room with little effort. :)

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