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Friday, July 19, 2013

a concert + an exhibit

a concert

D & I are both working on our internships this semester! It's been a super experience learning how to be in "the real world." It's similar to school - but different all at the same time! I miss the people and excitement that goes on on-campus!

Thinking we would have nothing else to do when we got home from work - we agreed to go to all the performances we could go to! but.... that didn't work out so well. We turned out to be just as or busier than when we were in school. Funny how that one turned out! But anywayz... we got to go to the last show for "She Stoops to Conquer." It was pretty good! I miss plays! Then we got to see part of the BFA show that goes on right before every graduation. People around here are talented.

I'm super excited for D to do his BFA show for Graphic Design... in less than a year! He always has crazy (cool) ideas running through his head!

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