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Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Love Summer Jam!

Summer Jam 2010
Today I came across this article and I had to share it! I first met Cathy Stokes in Summer 2003 at an Inner City youth day camp called Summer Jam in Chicago. She had a lot to do with getting Summer Jam started and so did two other wonderful women, Robyn and Maraley. They asked me to get good grades in school and to be a good girl that year and every year after that for 7 years. They helped me and motivated to become a better me and just knew how to build people up... it was something I hadn't really seen too much of before. They made Summer Jam a place full of love, kindness, fun, and happiness. It was something to look forward to every year!

Along with them, and because of them, I've been able to meet some really, really, top-notch, amazing kind of people! I'm so happy I have them for friends. Every year, 10-20 counselors would volunteer to come for 2-3 weeks to teach us and to love us girls. I don't know how it happened every year, but every single year, lasting friendships were formed and it felt like we (the campers) knew the counselors their whole lives and we were all best friends... in only 10 or so days. Summer Jam is a miracle. I miss it.

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