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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I am officially legit!


Today a really nice, sealed envelope was in the mailbox! Inside was my undergraduate diploma! As much as I miss school, I'm really grateful to have graduated from BYU-Idaho. It's one of my favorite and best places I've ever been to. It's changed my life, my way of thinking, how I see people, and how I do things. It's also where I met teachers who really cared for my learning and answered my questions because they wanted me to learn and grow - not to show off.

I'm grateful for the people, especially my family, that helped me get to school and sacrificed so I could be where I am today! Something my Abuelita Yola always wanted for her kids was for them to go to school and to give up anything to go. I'm so glad my parents taught me that, too. I know my family will be better off because of it. We've already seen so many blessings by going to school!

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