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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One and a half cups of sugar.

Before we left for three weekends, David and I got lots of yummy peaches to make some peach pie filling to can.

As soon as I was ready to cook them I found out there was no sugar.

On my way to the store I talked on the phone with a friend I haven't seen in forever and talked about how overwhelming the first day of university is. It made me miss BYU-I more than I already do. The excitement of new classes and new teachers, new everything. Graduating is great but I don't get to see as many people as I'd like to since I started working.

After getting more than the sugar I needed, the bag boy and cashier were too happy with the customers; I wanted to hurry up and get out. And then... they made it personal and asked if I was a student. They were so surprised I graduated and had a job right away in what I studied. Blessings!

Sometimes it takes other people to see what we have been blessed with. I know I have been greatly blessed - but I haven't paid enough attention to "see" and appreciate those blessings.

On my way out... I saw some friends and they said they had just asked someone about me. All this time I thought I was forgotten and out of the game... a grown-up. I'm so grateful for friends and even acquaintances who remember others.

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