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Saturday, October 12, 2013


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It's been a little while since I posted last. It's been busy with trying to do everything before it gets dark outside. That's one thing I miss about summer... 9:30pm sunsets!

I convinced myself to pick 15 more pounds of Empire apples (only the best apples ever!) and some more mason jars to make more pie filling! We will be using it to make apple coffee-minus-the-coffee cake, apple crisp, apple pie, apple cake, and apple everything with a cup of cinnamon tea while we watch Downtown Abbey this January. I can’t believe it’s almost 2014!

This last weekend one of our friends got married! It was a really special ceremony and we loved it! Their family are friends and were so nice to make us feel like family on their special day. We were so glad it rained a drizzle right after we got done with photos. Perfect timing.

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