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Monday, November 25, 2013

An Engagement

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This week just started, but it feels like so much has already happened. The weekend and this week just smooshed because I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! D and I went to town on a date for dinner and some coupon shopping because there's more variety in the city. We drove by the river at sunset and I saw a girl with her hand outstretched and I shouted, "She's engaged!!" I didn't even know her. It was just the guy and girl so I told D to drive around the block for us to ask them to take a photo for them. We had our DSLR on us and I was already thinking, "They can frame the photo and everything!"

We got out of the car and congratulated them and they were so happy! Young love! They said we could take a photo... so I turned the camera on... and then the thing I dread the most... "No Memory Card." Booooohisssss! We took one with their iPhone... but I couldn't believe we forgot the card :( But anyways... it was a happy day for them! I remember when we got engaged - I felt so happy like never before and when I hugged D after he proposed I said, "I never want to do anything bad. I want to be good." I love that day.

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