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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Morning: Cereal.

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Every morning I pour some milk in a plastic cup with a spoon and take it work, along a gallon-size, Ziploc bag packed with cereal that I hope will last me through Friday. I've had cereal for breakfast ever since I can remember. People must like cereal for them to be eating it as long as I have. There's so many interesting flavors throughout the years and some cool designs on the box; those were my favorite! Especially the ones with facts-about-the-world-that-you-need-to-know and then could go back to school and let everyone know that you're losing calories when you sleep so you should take a nap instead of go to gym class to take a written test printed on moist paper, washed-out, purple ink about basketball with Mr. Walker. (Whoa, folks! That was a paragraph-long-sentence right there!)

Today I got to eat my cereal in a bowl and look at the box at the same time! That's what Saturday mornings are for.

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