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Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY: 10 Minute Heart Garland

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I love garlands! They make for a nice pop in any room and are really easy and quick to make. This is what you'll need...

Click through for instructions...

- 10 paint chips (3 hearts per paint chip), or cardstock
- glue stick
- scissors
- hemp cord (yarn or thick string work)
- hole punch (1/16th in)
- heart cutout punch

1. Cut out the hearts. You get 5-6 hearts from each Glidden paint chip from Walmart.
2. Glue to hearts back to back.
3. Cut small holes for threading.
4. Thread the hearts with hemp cord and slide down. TIP: If you're making a really long one, start on one end of the cord and push to the middle. When you're done with that side, push from the other end.

Happy Valentine's Day!
All Rights Reserved.

All Rights Reserved.

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