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Monday, June 2, 2014


Today I took a portrait of a man named David. He wears a white shirt and tie 6 days out of the week.

As much as I like doing new things, I also like having patterns or things that stay the same - like traditions. But this post isn't about traditions.

For a little over a year I've been telling David I want something to shoot everyday (or almost every day). Physical objects get too boring sometimes because they don't change like people do. People are my favorite to photograph because they have so many emotions, they change over time, and they have stories to tell.

Everytime we photograph a family, a couple or anyone, we think to ourselves,
"They're going to be looking at these photos when they're way older. They're going to remember today by this photo." 
This makes it really hard when we curate our shoots because we want people to have every moment we captured. Even the silly faces are part of people are and are definitely something to remember years later! I keep thinking about our trip to the Art Institute of Chicago and all the painted portraits they have. Back in the 1700s they didn't have cameras and only a few privileged people could get their portraits done and that's all we have left of what they looked like.

I've decided to start a new photo series where I will simply take people's portrait - nothing super fancy. I'm not sure what I want the portraits to say, but I want to capture something about the person. Hopefully this project will lead me to photograph people I don't know!

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