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Friday, September 19, 2014

10 Productivity Tips for Working From Home

10 Tips for Working From Home for Higher and Increased Productivity | Confetti Dots Blog

At the moment we both work from home! It's a lot harder than I first thought. I get to work in my pjs if I want and sleep in an extra hour since the office I work for is one hour behind our timezone (which is nice)! But sometimes it's hard to focus and not think of all the other fun stuff I want to do. If you're working from home here are some tips that have worked for us to increase productivity!

1. Set a time to get ready for the day & stick to it
The trick is to be consistent! I hold myself accountable if I am "late to work" by making up the time after everyone has gone home, just like you would in an office.

2. Dress for work.
As fun as working in your pjs can be, it's doesn't always equate to being productive or professional. The way you dress can really affect the way you act - last thing you want to do is get a Skype call in your pjs.

3. Eat breakfast
Otherwise you'll be snacking all day.

4. Have a workspace dedicated to work
Working on your laptop is nice for the first day, but your productivity will go up if you're at a desk. Make sure your workspace is clean and uncluttered, this will help reduce distraction.

5. Have plenty of (natural) light
I've noticed that I am happier with natural light coming in from a big window! I feel more awake, productive, and bright. It's a good balance for your eyes from starring at a computer screen all day, too. If you haven't tried this, I dare you to!

6. Plan your meals & snacks
Crockpots are great, but making a sandwich can be therapeutic, too! I love being able to eat real food on a plate and not out of a plastic container or baggy. Have snacks handy and measure them in a cup to make sure you don't munch the whole day.

7. Eat lunch at the dinner table
Or wherever you have meals at home. The goal is to get away from the computer.

8. Have a notepad
If you like multitasking (but find that you're not super productive), write your tasks down and break them up into realistic tasks. Notepads are great for jotting down things you remember you have to do later. I like writing down big things I have to get done that day and sometimes prioritize them with a number.

9. Block out social media
(Ignore this bit if your job is social media.) If you're online for work, opening a new tab to get on Facebook or Instagram only takes a second! Use a site blocker that blocks those sites during certain hours. Another easy thing to do is sign out of all those social media sites so that if you want to get on them, you have to go through the hassle of signing in!

10. Go home after work!
Just like you did at your office job, it's good to treat your time at home like you're at home. Turn off your computer and unplug.

We want to know how you get things done at home! Let us know in a comment below.

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