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Thursday, September 18, 2014


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(^ This photo was a tender mercy... or that's what I call it! It was taken by a photographer for the school paper the night we met! It was published in the school paper the following Tuesday :)

Three years ago, today, is one of our favorite days! It's the day we met three years ago! I remember it being an all-around, great day! So many exclamation marks!

Every Sunday evening, students at BYU-I gather to sing hymns under the stadium. It was a great way to end the Sabbath and to start the week for me.We both walked in, one after another, and stood near each other and made small talk in between songs. It sounded like we liked everything the other person liked! I remember being a little shy and feeling like I had to turn my head up so high to see D's face because he's way taller than me.

Three years ago, today, I happily walked to my apartment with the biggest smile on my face. My roommates asked if I had met someone special because they saw me smiling the rest of the night. I told them I had just seen "a friend from last semester" (and "all semesters of life to come!" ;).

Three years ago, today, I met my husband.

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