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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

$3 DIY Jewelry Box / Earring Organizer

DIY Earring & Jewelry Box | Confetti Dots Blog |
DIY Earring & Jewelry Box | Confetti Dots Blog | For years now, I'm not kidding, I've been looking for ways to organize earrings. I hate it when one earring goes missing!

This box fits rings and both stud & drop earrings; it's the perfect way to see your options at a glance! The foam and felt cost about $5 and I had foam left over to make 5 more boxes!

Click through for all the details!

- scissors
- ruler
- marker or pen
- hot glue gun
- box (I used a sturdy stationery box I had lying around.)
- 1 sheet of felt, 9" by 12"
- foam (I used regular-density foam, 1 inch thick. The thickness depends on how deep your box is.)

Step 1. Measure the inside of your box and mark the foam to be the same size. Then cut the foam.
Step 2. Measure the felt to be 3 times the width of the thickness of the foam. The felt just needs to wrap around 3 sides of the foam.
Step 3. Apply glue with the hot glue gun making 3 stripes for each side of the foam.
Step 4. Place the foam at the center and wrap the felt around it until it sticks.
Step 5. Place the wrapped foam in your box - the unwrapped part facing down. It should fit snug.

Optional: Glue the pieces to the bottom of the box, especially if the pieces don't fit snug.

DIY Earring & Jewelry Box | Confetti Dots Blog |

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