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Friday, November 13, 2015


I am grateful for a good career job. It's so funny when you think about all the time you may have been in school and thinking, "Am I even going to do this and get paid for it in the real world after graduating?" Yes! You do! I am so grateful for an education that makes it possible for me to keep learning and to use a lot of what I was taught and for parents that motivated me and gave me that opportunity. Not being the primary provider for our family made me sometimes take some jobs for granted, but now I don't. I like that the work I'm doing has purpose in helping other people have better lives.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

One year later...

ConfettiDots Blog

It's almost 1 year since this little blog has gotten any love! Quick recap of last year's major happenings...

+ D & I both served in the primary at church and grew to love those kids so much
+ Share the Gospel with a family & had a baptism!
+ Successfully endured living under outrageously immature neighbors
+ Left that apartment spotless (still waiting for our full deposit, I hope!) #whitegloveincollegepaidoff
+ Moved with a better packing strategy (we used mostly all plastic totes and it was awesome!)
+ We love our new place
+ Traveled for work - D went to Denmark & Brussels, I stayed in the States
+ Successes and little "big" victories at work
+ Planned meals almost every week (this really saves time and mulah!)
+ Finally took official family photos
+ Drove to Nauvoo, watched 2 pageants & went to the Nauvoo Temple... it was so beautiful! and we camped for our anniversary

Right now we are...
+ Still unpacking
+ Making our new place a home
+ Crossing our fingers that we get called to serve in the primary again!
+ Trying to relax as part of the day; it's a really important thing to do.
+ Taking life as it comes...

Everything hasn't been dandy all the time, but when those dandy days do come around, it makes the hard days worth it. Or that's what I sometimes have to push myself to think.

What's your year been like?