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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

One year later...

ConfettiDots Blog

It's almost 1 year since this little blog has gotten any love! Quick recap of last year's major happenings...

+ D & I both served in the primary at church and grew to love those kids so much
+ Share the Gospel with a family & had a baptism!
+ Successfully endured living under outrageously immature neighbors
+ Left that apartment spotless (still waiting for our full deposit, I hope!) #whitegloveincollegepaidoff
+ Moved with a better packing strategy (we used mostly all plastic totes and it was awesome!)
+ We love our new place
+ Traveled for work - D went to Denmark & Brussels, I stayed in the States
+ Successes and little "big" victories at work
+ Planned meals almost every week (this really saves time and mulah!)
+ Finally took official family photos
+ Drove to Nauvoo, watched 2 pageants & went to the Nauvoo Temple... it was so beautiful! and we camped for our anniversary

Right now we are...
+ Still unpacking
+ Making our new place a home
+ Crossing our fingers that we get called to serve in the primary again!
+ Trying to relax as part of the day; it's a really important thing to do.
+ Taking life as it comes...

Everything hasn't been dandy all the time, but when those dandy days do come around, it makes the hard days worth it. Or that's what I sometimes have to push myself to think.

What's your year been like?