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Monday, April 25, 2016

It's Finally Spring!

We were blessed to have a mild winter this year, and instead of snow on the trees there are white, pink, and purple flowers! It's so exciting to see the Earth kind of start all over in growing all the green. It makes me want to start all over again with goals and what I will do each morning to make life more beautiful.

What's been making life more beautiful is this little babe inside of me. He is moving a little bit different now since he's getting bigger and stronger! He's a whole 'nother person in our home and it's so crazy that we haven't seen him yet... only 2 more months. Or 10 more weeks to be exact :)

For future reference, these are good things to have done by now:

  • Baby carseat purchased
  • Baby shower in the works + completed registries
  • Picking a doctor for baby
  • Scheduling a hospital tour
  • Taking a birthing class (there's some free ones online)
  • Having a name picked out - or several :) 
  • Getting a crib or what baby will sleep on
  • Body pillows for sleeping are best to start using earlier on in pregnancy!
These last few months I feel like I've majored in "How to be a mom: during and after pregnancy". There are so many things to learn about the body, your baby's body and development, figuring out and preparing for what changes will happen in life, finances, family, etc., after baby comes and daydreaming about snuggling for hours. 

We feel like we have mostly everything down because we've talked about our expectations with each other or asked how we would react if baby didn't sleep all night or misbehaved... haha but sometimes it feels like seasoned parents are trying to scare us with things like, "Sleep now since you won't sleep later" or "Travel the world before you have kids", etc. But the thing is that there's two of us. We can take turns and work like a team. And the travel thing - we are sure there's more things to do when you have kids and more memories instead of just selfies of us now. We know the world is not going to end when our kiddies are here!

Anyways - enough of a rant. Hopefully you are all enjoying the beauty that is spring!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Little Update: 22 weeks

So it's no longer just two of us! It's three of us! We are so excited for July to come!

Life has had a few changes for us with a job and new life roles. But it's all been a blessing. I don't have to commute to the city any more and it's nice to be home and work in the comfort of home during this phase of life. The company I worked for wasn't doing so great so it's back to freelancing for now. It's fun to feel our little one move and to know that a miracle is taking place. I thought it would be many more years before we would have him and not having to wait anymore is a weight and sadness lifted off of our shoulders.

Our little babe is 22 weeks old (or so) and already has so much personality. It's so crazy getting to know him even though he's in the womb. When I think of meeting him I feel as if though it will be a reunion of having been apart for a long time. And then I think of how he is one of Heavenly Father's spirit sons and can't help but think there's a little bit of sadness and joy at the same time on the other side of the veil as this little one comes to join our family here on Earth. These last few months have taught me that nothing else in this world matters except family, the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and living and working to get back to Heavenly Father.