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Monday, March 7, 2016

Little Update: 22 weeks

So it's no longer just two of us! It's three of us! We are so excited for July to come!

Life has had a few changes for us with a job and new life roles. But it's all been a blessing. I don't have to commute to the city any more and it's nice to be home and work in the comfort of home during this phase of life. The company I worked for wasn't doing so great so it's back to freelancing for now. It's fun to feel our little one move and to know that a miracle is taking place. I thought it would be many more years before we would have him and not having to wait anymore is a weight and sadness lifted off of our shoulders.

Our little babe is 22 weeks old (or so) and already has so much personality. It's so crazy getting to know him even though he's in the womb. When I think of meeting him I feel as if though it will be a reunion of having been apart for a long time. And then I think of how he is one of Heavenly Father's spirit sons and can't help but think there's a little bit of sadness and joy at the same time on the other side of the veil as this little one comes to join our family here on Earth. These last few months have taught me that nothing else in this world matters except family, the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and living and working to get back to Heavenly Father.