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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I have a talent...

I recently confirmed that I have a new talent! I seem to stop posting on accounts (this blog, my Etsy business Instagram, my digital journals, etc.) almost exactly one year before I stumble upon them and post again! Is that a talent?

For catching-up sake... Here's an update!

+ We have a happy, cute baby boy with the softest, squishiest and most gorgeous cheeks you ever did see (and 3 bottom, pearly whites and a little lunar on his left big toe)
+ Baby boy army crawls for speed, pulls himself up, stands up on his own as if he's daring himself to stand up without holding anything, sings and conducts music, is silly, and isn't fond of chunky food
+ It's been almost 1 year since we brought said boy home from the hospital! (How is this possible?)
+ Mom works from home when baby boy naps (I'm learning and pushing myself and truly have seen the Lord answer my prayers when I need help since there isn't another web developer)
+ Dad works at the office and less at home nowadays
+ Mom was Primary music chorister at church up until baby boy was born
+ Mom is in the Relief Society activity committee at church & Dad is the ward's finance clerk
+ Dad has had braces for a year and we can't remember life without them
+ Turkish dramas are great! 
+ Period dramas are also great!
+ Our photo business has managed to let us shoot here and there, but sure needs some TLC
+ The CD design & photography we did for Scott Rivers's first music CD has been sold at real stores!
+ Freelance work has showed up at the right time
+ We are researching and studying trying to figure out why our cookies always come out cakey
+ Also researching for yummy frostings that don't taste like pure powdered sugar